Catering Equipment Hire


Why not cook your own hog roast?

This is a good practical way to cook your meat, its great fun for you and your guests. You either carve the meat to perfection, this will make it go further or hack at it or get someone from down th pub to carve!

 Hog Roast Hire

We supply the pole and all the clamps for you to prepare your meat. It is recommended that you let us supply the meat as we have over 35 years expertise in the meat trade. This of course is entirely up to the hirer. The machine needs an electric supply to operate the spit but is cooked by propane gas. (we can supply at a cost of £25)

The machine is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, it also has a rack that holds 4 trays to cook sausages stuffing extra joints and jacket potatoes. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions of hire.

Just Macine £175.00

Machine, Pig and gas £360.00

Machine Lamb and Gas £340

Cleaning Deposit Bond is £50 returned if equipment is retuned clean

8 Burner gas BBQ £125.00 gas extra cleaning bond is £50

Commercial Flat pan Gas BBQ fits in boot of car £35

Gas extra

These easy to use and clean are Ideal at Fatesor large parties

Free of charge if you spend £100+ on the Burgers and Sausages in Davey's Butchers

(can cook 80 sausages at one time)

Chaffing trays + 4 Gels £7.50 each,

10ft x 10ft Gazebos £45, 10ft x 20ft gazebos £65.00

Pop corn machine (cooks and warms from the cornals) £75.00,

Candy Floss £65.00

Hot dog warmers £25.00, Steak Griddles £45.00,

Tea urns and cups/saucers £50.00

Cutlery and crockery from 35p per item

We charge 50 pence per mile traveled for delivery and collection


All ovens now come with 6 trays, this extra tray slides under the drip hole so fat is caught in the tray if you are moving the oven over a ballroom or carpets.


  • Conforms to the highest safety standards- CE approved by a notified body
  • Burners powered by bottled Butane or Propane, motor-mains 240v or can 
    be run from a battery via an inverter (not supplied) for outdoor use only in 
    a well ventilated area
  • Complete with 5 stainless roasting/carving trays 
  • Tray retainer under the drip hole so fat is caught in the tray if you are moving
    the oven over a ballroom or carpets etc
  • Double skinned body for strength and heat insulation
  • Can cook a full pig up to 80 kilos (approx 6 hours cooking time)
  • Fully adjustable twin burner oven with spark ignition
  • Engineered to the highest specification
  • Completely safe and reliable
  • Comes complete with 5 removable stainless steel trays for keeping meat or 
    stuffing warm or cooking vegetables whilst cooking meat with lid either open or closed
  • Features two castors wheels with brakes and wide front wheels
    suitable for use on soft ground. All wheels are solid so no risk
    of flat tyres
  • Can be used in remote locations as it can be run from a
    battery via an inverter (not supplied)
  • Unique 4 position carving cradle positioned at a comfortable
    carving height
  • Burner covers prevent fat blocking burner holes
  • The bottom of the oven is tapered so excess fat flows towards
    the drain hole for collection during the cooking process
  • Optional roasting cradle which can be used to cook chickens
    or any joints of meat, jacket potatoes etc, bringing cooking time
    down to less than 90 minutes POA
  • Features an accurate temperature gauge
  • 6 retainers ensure the meat is firm and secure on spit
  • Features a  handle at the front end so the oven can be wheeled
    into place by one person
  • Largest oven of its type on the market