Summer BBQ

Summer Barbecue Buffet Delights

On arrival

Our fantastic pimms fountain including 24 - 30 litres of our homemade pimms - £195 saves £100 with any roast or BBQ

Mixed hot oriental canapes; mini duck pancake rolls, mini corriader samosas, spring rolls, mini onion bahjees, Thai chicken satay, king prawns in filo pastry, Mini Pork and apple burgers, or honey and mustard glazed cocktail sausages with a selection of dips - £4.50 per head.


Meat Feast All Year Barbecue Menu

A selection of our prize winning low fat Pork Sausages,

Homemade 4oz Angus Steak  burger

Minted Lamb kofta kebabs, Thai  chicken kebabs. Slow cooked pulled pork

Hot baby potatoes with butter and chives, Homemade coleslaw, Tomato infused with fresh Basil, various mixed tossed salad with Croutons, Greek salad with Feta cheese.

Local baked Crusty French sticks a selection of condiments.

Served on a strong biodegradable disposable service.

 40-60 pax £995.00 61-75 pax £1150.00 76-90 pax £1325.00 



The American BBQ Menu
Pulled Pork
Slow cooked for 12 hours
Chicken Thighs/ Drumsticks
Cooked in our sweet and tangy American sauce
Angus Ranch Beef Burger
Freshly made by us to our own Recipe
The Posh Dog Sausage
Smokey BBQ flavour Sausage Freshly made by us to our own Recipe
Red Neck Spicy Beans
New Baby Potatoes with butter and chives
Mixed Tossed Salads
Coleslaw Southern Style
Creamy coleslaw with a slight kick

Local baked Crusty French sticks a selection of condiments.

Served on a strong biodegradable disposable service

                       40-60 pax £995.00    61-75 pax  £1225.00  75-90 pax £1425.00

Halal lamb and chicken products available.
Kiddie’s Menu (under 10s)
4 oz Burger, Chipolata Sausage & chicken drumsticks salad etc £7.50 per head

Small Garden Parties 20-30 

Award winning Homemade Gourmet sausages 5oz Sirloin steak, cajon pork fillet kebab with peppers,Thai chicken butterfly breast,

Or Let us know your Menu all fresh cut and prepared at ou butchers

Either sautéed potatoes, hot baby potatoes in mint and butter, or potato salad homemade coleslaw,  various mixed tossed salads with Feta cheese and croutons. served in baps and hot dog rolls and a selection of condiments.

New York Crunchie Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberries and cream


Selection of cheese and biscuits

£37.50 Per Head


All Barbecues come with at least Two chefs to set up prepare and cook food fresh, We bring a 3 x 3 metre marquee for the catering area, provide serving tables with table clothes.

Crockery and cutlery please add on £2.50 per head




Add On's


  • 50 Extra award winning Meldreth pork sausages Including rolls £60.00
  • 4oz minute steaks - £2.95 each
  • Flavoured Butterfly chicken breasts £2.50 each will do 2 portions
  • 24 home made Pork and apple burgers £50.00
  • 48 Home made Angus Steak Burgers £96.00 includes 48 floured baps
  • 6oz seasoned mature Sirloin steaks - £4.95 each
  • 40 large Jacket potatoes, cheese and Beans with any roast only £100.00
  • Marinated sweet chilli pork fillet kebabs with peppers- £3.50 each
  • Minted Lamb Fillet Kebabs with peppers £3.95 eack
  • 60 Thai or tandoori kababs £75.00
  • 50 Minted Lamb Kofta Kebabs £45.00
  • Mixed Pork and Chicken Kebabs with peppers £3.50 each
  • Fillet Steaks POA
  • 12oz Rib Eye steaks £7.50 each
  • 4oz lamb steaks with rosemary and garlic - £2.50 each
  • 4 - 5oz marinated salmon supreme - £3.50 each
  • Veggie selection, burger Stack with Halloumi cheese, Quorn sausages, £5.00 each
  • Garlic mushrooms - £2.50 per head
  • sautéed potatoes £1.95 per head
  • Selection of granary and white bread rolls - 50p per head
  • Selection of 3 home baked quiche - £45
  • Whole Dressed salmon and dressings - £85
  • Gluten free - POA
  • Chocolate fountain with marshmallows, profiteroles & strawberries for 30 pax £175.00
  • Sticky chocolate fudge cake, New York Crunchie cheese cake, strawberries and cream - £3.95 per head
  • A selection of both dessert and fountain for 90-100 portions 1 x chocloate fountain and dips, 32 portions of chocolate fudge cake, 42 portions cheesecake and lashings of cream - £395.00
  • A selection of cheese and biscuits with celery and grapes (40 pax) - £95
  • Strawberries and cream @ £3.95 per head